How to register iRace.vn account?

Step 1: Access https://irace.vn/races/register.

Step 2: Go to the personal information section: Name, Email, Password and confirm

Step 3:  Once you have successfully registered, return to the  Homepage and select the desired races.

Note: You should use your Gmail account to be able to receive order notifications and medal delivery via email.

Can I change my registered Email?

To change your email, follow the instructions below

Step 1: Go to  Profile  (the button in the right corner of the screen) then click Edit Profile.

Step 2: Scroll to the Profile section, click Edit and enter your new email. When finished press Update or Save.

Can I login with Facebook/Strava?

Yes. You can completely log in with your Google, Facebook or Strava account. After registering, please visit the personal information page to fully update your information, especially your personal email.

How to know if the registration is successful or not?

The simplest is to log in with the registered information, if the login is successful, then you have successfully registered.

Or you will receive a notification email from iRace.vn to confirm successful registration. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check the remaining mailboxes (SPAM, advertising…) (Note, users using Yahoo Mail mailbox will not receive mail from IRace because Yahoo defaults to Yahoo! block incoming messages, so use Gmail instead)


How to connect with Strava?
  • First you need an account, register at Strava.com
  • Then return to iRace.vn, access the “Profile“page
    Then go to “Edit Profile
  • Click on the “Apps” tab
    You will see the Strava icon, press the “Connect” button
    You will be asked to agree to the permission so that iRace can sync with Strava
  • After performing this step, congratulations on completing the connection.

See details here

How to connect with Google Fit?
  • Go to “Profile” page
    Then go to “Edit Profile
  • Click on the “Apps” tab
  • You will see the Google Fit icon, press the “Connect” button
  • You will be asked to agree to the permission so that iRace can sync with Google Fit
  • After performing this step, congratulations on completing the connection.

See details here.

How to connect with Garmin?
  • Go to “Profile” page
    Then go to “Edit Profile

  • Click on the “Apps” tab

  • You will see the Garmin logo, press the “Connect” button,
    New web page opens, log in and click Agree.

  • After performing this step, congratulations on completing the connection.

    See deltails here

How many Strava, Google Fit and Garmin accounts can one iRace account sync?

An iRace account can only sync one Strava,  Google Fit and Garmin accounts at a time. You cannot connect multiple Strava, Google Fit, and Garmin accounts to one iRace account.

Do Strava, Garmin, Google Fit and iRace need the same email to connect?

Your iRace and Strava (or Garmin or Google Fit) accounts don’t need the same email to connect. You can connect your iRace account to any Strava (or Garmin or Google Fit) account, as long as you connect to any Strava (or Garmin or Google Fit) iRace account, you must use that account. to record the results.


What if I want to register for a group?

iRace supports registering a group of up to 10 people, you can do group registration by.

At the distance selection page, select the number of participants in each distance, click the plus sign (+) to add participants to that distance, and the minus sign (-) to reduce it.

After selecting, you press Register and start filling in the information for each participant as usual to complete the registration.

Only some prizes support group registration

Can I choose my own BIB number?

iRace allows users to choose their own BIB number (including any 6 digits) when participating in the race, you just need to click on the word Choose free your BIB number and enter the BIB number you want in the blank box, press Check to see whether anyone uses it or not, if no one has used it, you can use that BIB number.

What if I don't want to have my name engraved on the medal?

To remove the option to engrave your name on the medal, you just need to check the box  None engraved name at the registration page to disable this feature and register as usual.

Note: This option will not engrave any information on the medal including distance and ID User

What if my club is not on iRace?

To have a club on iRace, you need to fill out this registration form:  https://bit.ly/DK-CLB

Once the information is entered, iRace will update the club for you within 24 hours.

I can't find the race I need

For events you can’t find on iRace, the race has expired or can no longer be registered. So please choose another prize on iRace.

The event is still open to register but can't register

If the event still has time to register but can’t register anymore, it means that the event has had enough registrations. So you will not be able to register for that event anymore, please choose other events.

Register for free, what if you want to switch to a paid plan?

To switch from a free plan to a paid plan, please contact iRace support and provide your account information to cancel your free order and re-register for the premium plan.

Note: When re-registering while the tournament has already taken place, all previously recorded results will be canceled, you have to do the re-run from the beginning, the results will be counted from the time of successful re-registration.

How do I re-register for an event that has been attended but not completed?

To re-register for an event you attended but did not complete, just go to that event, click “Re-register” and register as usual.


  • Only X-Day events support re-registration
  • After re-registering, you will have to re-run the tournament from the beginning like a completely new registration, the old results will be discarded.
Can an unpaid order be deleted?

Orders cannot be deleted, so please ignore if you haven’t paid yet, it won’t affect your other orders.


How do I update my information profile?

Step 1: Login account on iRace.vn or after successful registration

Step 2: Go to Profile

Step 3:  Select “Edit Profile” next to your avatar

Step 4: From here you can edit your profile information as you like (general introduction, personal information, mailing address, sync with Strava app)

How to change account password?

Step 1: Login account on iRace.vn

Step 2: Go to Profile > Edit Profile

Step 3: Scroll to the Password section

Step 4: Enter the old password in the corresponding box and the new password in the remaining 2 boxes. Click Update to change.

How to reset my password?

Step 1: Access the address: https://irace.vn/races/reset

Step 2: Enter your email in the blank box and press Restore

Step 3: Check your email inbox and click on the link sent from iRace.

Step 4: Enter the new password to finish

How to hunt for discount codes?

To receive discount codes on iRace, you just need to refer friends to join iRace to register for any race. If the person you refer is a completely new member and successfully registers for the race on iRace, you will receive a discount code. See details on how to do it here


Are there any nationality or age restrictions on registration?

We welcome all athletes from all over the world to participate in the races and record the spiritual experience of training together and there is no age limit, however for children under 13 it is necessary to Please have the supervision of a parent or guardian when participating.

If a family/team wants to take part in a race/challenge together, can we use the same account?

One account is for one person only. Please visit iRace.vn to register an account for your family and friends to join.

Can I walk while participating in a running race?

It’s Okay. All walking or running counts, as long as you don’t violate the speed limit

However, it is not allowed to ride bicycles or skateboards or any other wheeled vehicle (except cycling for cycling events). This would be considered a fraudulent result.

The distance I register to participate is a one-time run or cumulative?

Most of the online races organized by iRace will be cumulative results from the start date to the end of the tournament or within a specified time period (7 days, 10 days, 21 days…), that means is that you will not be limited to the number of runs in a day and you can divide it into many times to run or run once as you like.

However, we will still have one-time runs and one-time races that you must complete in one run, results will not be cumulative..

So you need to read clearly the information of each tournament is to run once or run many times to know.

Where can I see my BIB number?

There are 2 ways for you to view your BIB number.

Method 1: Access the race you are participating in. You will see a blue button that says “Your BIB” Click it.

Method 2: Go to Profile (click the Profile button in the right corner of the screen). Scroll down and find the race you participate in, click the “BIB” button to see your BIB number.

Where can I see my E-Cert?

You click the Profile button in the right corner of the screen. Scroll down and find the race you participated in, click the “Certificate” button to see your certificate.


How to receive medals for Offline running tournaments

For Offline races, you need to go directly to the venue announced in each tournament you register to participate in the run and after completing the competition you will receive a medal right at the venue.

Does the Offline race have the same level of E-BIB and E-Cert?

Offline races sold on iRace will not be provided with E-BIB and E-Cert after registration.

After registering, where to receive Racekit?

Depending on the race, there will be different places to receive Racekit (including BIB, and other related accessories). You need to read the information in each participating tournament to understand the details.


How do I submit race results?

You use Strava, Google Fit, or Garmin and link it to your iRace account. Sync results from the 3 platforms above after each exercise is completed, iRace will automatically sync results from the platforms you connect to to record achievements.

How to fix iRace not syncing results?

Please see the instructions here

How long does it sync after finishing an activity on Strava, Garmin, and Google Fit?

For Strava and Garmin:  Usually the synchronization will take place immediately, but at peak times with many people syncing at the same time, the time to wait for synchronization is at least 24 hours.

For Google Fit: Sync time is 24 hours/time

How to sync manually?

In addition to automatic sync, iRace also allows you to perform manual sync, follow the instructions here.

Can I submit one result for two different events?

Yes, if events are taking place in the same time period.

Can I submit more than one race?

For online races: iRace automatically records all player’s training results within the allotted time of the tournament.

For virtual races, you will receive a medal for the distance you ran. For example, if you signed up for the 21km category in a run, you need to complete a run of 21km or more. If you do not reach the 21km mark, you will not receive a certificate of completion.

For more complete information, please see the detailed requirements for each race for which you are registered.

Does iRace automatically record or do I need to manually sync after each workout?

iRace automatically gets workout results when you finish linking your Strava (or Google Fit and Garmin) to your iRace account…

If iRace does not update your results after you have completed syncing your workout data with Strava, Google Fit or Garmin, please enter it manually (see instructions) in your profile.

Does the iRace application have a function to record the user's exercise results?

Not now. iRace only receives synced workout results from the Strava app,  Google Fit, and Garmin.

iRace is designed and developed to enhance your workout experience and connect you with a variety of enthusiasts.

We always listen to feedback from users and constantly improve the iRace platform better.

How do I know if a workout is successfully/completed?

Step 1:  Go to iRace.vn and log in.

Step 2: Select “Profile” in the right corner of the screen

Step 3:  Click “See all” in the participating races section, or click on the following link:  https://irace.vn/races/my-profile/joined-races

Events that you have completed will be on the “Completed” tab, ongoing events will be on the “Curent Events” tab

How can I see the running progress of the race?

Click on “Profile” in the right corner of the screen and navigate to the “Joined … Events” section and you will see the progress bar of all the races you are participating in on IRace.vn

I want to get support directly on my machine, what should I do?

If you have a problem on your device and want iRace to handle it directly on your device, install the Teamview application on your device and then send the ID on the App to iRace’s Inbox page for support.

Download the app corresponding to your device below.

What's wrong with the question mark operation?

For an activity with a question mark, it means that the activity is in violation of the rules of an event you are participating in, click on the question mark for more details or read more information here.


Error in payment

If you encounter a payment error, please try the following methods

If you receive a payment error when using the form “Domestic ATM”, please try to switch to pay by ZaloPay and then choose to continue to pay by domestic ATM. Note that your bank account needs to be registered for Internet Banking first.

If you use Momo or Zalo Pay, choose to pay via these 2 methods to avoid errors.

If all else fails, now you can try direct transfer to iRace according to the information below:


  • Account name: Tran Ngoc Chinh
  • Account number:
  • 912.8888.888
  • Vietcombank bank
  • Content: ORDER-ID_Order-Phone


After the transfer, you take a screenshot of the successful payment or payment authorization and send it back to iRace.vn here.

How to use Coupon code?

Step 1: You go to Profile> Edit Profile

Step 2:  Scroll down to  Coupon and select copy the Coupon code you got.

Step 3:  At the checkout page, paste the Coupon code in the Coupon code box, press Apply to use

After payment, how long does it take for an order to be activated?

If you choose to pay online, the order will be activated immediately when you complete the payment.
If you choose Bank Transfer, your order will be activated within 24-48 hours. Note that you must comply with the requirements when making a Transfer payment for the order to be activated.

iRace recommends that you choose online payment methods for the most convenience for registering events on iRace

I register for the event in advance, can I pay after that?

Each order has 48 hours to complete registration, so if you pay after 48 hours, the order will be rejected and you will need to apply again from the beginning.

What should I do if I want to issue a VAT invoice?

To receive a VAT invoice, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/gNCqKdk43CWSsmjv6

Note: iRace only supports issuing invoices with events organized by iRace, events organized by partners or selling iRace tickets will depend on whether the event is supported or not.


How long does it take to get a medal after completing the event?

The latest time to receive medals is 2-3 weeks after the event ends.

How do I check my medal delivery information?

To check your medal’s shipping information, go to Menu > My Orders and select the order you need to check. Go to the Shipping section to check where your order is being delivered.

If the order does not have a Shipping item, it means that the order has not been shipped, please check again at another time.

I don't finish the race, will I get a medal?

If you don’t finish the race you will NOT get a medal

Gadgets (shirt, hat...) are sent separately or together with the medal?

Utilities, gifts (if any) when purchased with the same prize will be sent together with the medal after you complete or when the event ends.


What is Pace?

Pace is the running time per 1km. If you run 1km in 3 minutes your Pace will be 3. If you run 1km in 20 minutes your Pace will be 20.

How to Fix Strava showing the wrong distance?

To fix the wrong distance or distance error, you need to make sure that the GPS signal on the device is always connected stably. Update your phone system and Strava app to the latest version if available.

Also, avoid moving in areas with lots of tall buildings and trees such as parks, and avoid going during cloudy weather.

If possible, use specialized watches like Garmin (with GPS) to participate in events.

Unable to install Strava or Google Fit

Strava and Google Fit  require the system to be always up-to-date in order to install, so you need to update your Android and iOS systems to the latest current to be able to install and use Strava and Google Fit.

If your device cannot update to a newer version, consider using another device instead.

I want to support a charity, what should I do?

Depending on each run, there will be a part to support the charity fund, if the race has a part to support the charity fund, you just need to enter the amount you want to support in the corresponding blank box in the running registration section.

What if I just want to buy a shirt but don't participate in the tournament?

If you want to buy your own shirt on iRace, please visit https://irace.vn/races/products